ATM’s Cool-Stick Keeps Your Rack From Overheating

ATM Cool-Stick

Active Thermal Management’s Cool-Stick/18

Active Thermal Management's Cool-Stick/18 product is designed for tight quarters and half the length of its original version.

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With media center PCs, audio amplifiers, source components, audio and video processors all part of the plethora of products offered within the scope of custom installation, the need to maintain the reliability and performance of these products, which are nearly always installed together becomes essential to aid long-term system life. And keep the homeowners as happy as can be that they don’t need to replace parts in that system.

Active Thermal Management’s (ATM) Cool-Stick/18 product is a half-length version of the company’s 36-inch Cool-Stick product, which is designed to cool and ventilate system components within a rack system full of components.

The Cool-Stick/18 features a remote thermal switch to enable automatic operation, and it measures 2 1/2-inches wide with a depth of 5/8 inches with a length of 18 inches, which facilitates installations in a confined area. MSRP is $179.95.

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