Atlas Unearths Rock Speakers

Atlas Sound ROCKFA62T-BR

The ROCKFA62T-BR features Atlas Sound’s FA136 driver and a 32-watt 70.7/100V transformer that terminates at a 24-inch pigtail rated for direct burial.

The poorly named ROCKFA62T-BR can rock you like a hurricane, even in a hurricane.

Sep. 09, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

It’s still not too late in the season to install backyard speakers. We like to think warm, party thoughts, and Atlas Sound is reinforcing those thoughts with its new Strategy Series Rock loudspeaker, the ROCKFA62T-BR.

The product name doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, but we can dig it—not literally of course. Inside, this unit is packing the Atlas FA136 driver and a 32-watt 100-volt transformer, which terminates at a 24-inch pigtail rated for direct burial.

Sure, it’s weather-resistant, and the company says the unit is “made from a rotationally-molded HDPE thermoplastic material.” It also, of course, looks like a big rock in the middle (or on the side) of your lawn.

There’s no word on pricing for this model, but whether you’ve got a small lawn or a football field, it sounds like this unit can drown out the sounds of nature. The company says that units can be placed closer, but can also go as far as 30 feet apart for killer coverage.

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