Atlantic WA-5030 Sends Sound to Speakers Up to 300 Feet


Atlantic Technology's new amplified wireless audio system can send sound up to 300 feet.

Mar. 19, 2012 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Speakers can be a wonderful thing—if you have a place to put them. Those of you not willing to open the walls and/or ceilings are typically tethered to close proximity of your AV setup.

Well, Atlantic Technology wants to free up your speaker placement, with its new WA-5030 Wireless Transmitter/Amplifier System. The new 30-watt amplified wireless audio system is designed to drive a pair of speakers up to 300 feet away, all without having to run speaker wires.

For $399, you’ll get one WA-5030-r zone amplifier and wireless receiver and the company’s three-zone WA-50-t wireless transmitter, as well as a remote, a USB cable, and RCA input cables.

Just connect the transmitter to any RCA analog audio line outputs or a Mac or PC, via USB. From there, the system promises lossless, uncompressed CD-quality digital audio with a 48 kHz sampling rate over on the 2.4 GHz radio band. Atlantic Technology says that up to three WA-50-t transmitters and three receivers per transmitter can be used in a system. 

Both the transmitter and the receiver have a three-position switch that assigns each pairing to either Zone 1, Zone 2, or Zone 3.

Atlantic Technology is selling the WA-5030 Powered Wireless Audio System now as a package. Of course, you can also add in additional WA-5030-r receivers, for $199 each.

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