CES: VUDU 3D on New Mitsubishi TVs


VUDU will be launching 3D movies on Mitsubishi and other TVs.

Jan. 05, 2011 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Yesterday we reported on an upcoming gargantuan Mitsubishi DLP-based rear projection HDTV that does 3D. We got to see that TV, the WD-9284, in person at the CES Unveiled event in Las Vegas last night and learned another interesting tidbit about it. It supports VUDU 3D streaming.

VUDU video streaming was already incorporated into select Mitsubishi TVs, but this new model, as well as others by Mitsubishi and other companies, will soon be able to stream 3D movies over the internet rather than make owners wait for studios to release them onto 3D Blu-ray. Of course that doesn’t mean that you’ll immediately have access to a vast library of 3D content while your 3D Blu-ray friends are stuck waiting for the next disc release. The initial rollout will be meager, only a few titles, but hopefully as the service catches on, so will the library of 3D titles.

Mitsubishi speculated that the 92-inch TV will carry an MSRP of between $5,000 and $6,000 when it’s releases this summer, but wouldn’t give anything more precise.

We also expect more video streaming sources to move into 3D, but they’re likely waiting for more consumer buy-in. When will Netflix and Amazon jump in?

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