Artcoustic Modular Speaker Series Mixes Design and Performance


The series from Artcoustic features Modular One satellite speakers, Modular L+C+R and Modular Cinema all-in-one front speakers.

Oct. 29, 2010 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

It’s always been a tough proposition to balance style and audio performance, but companies like Artcoustic are making the process easier.

Artcoustic, which has a distribution agreement in the United States with the St. John Group, has introduced a new lower cost speaker line called the Modular series.

The Modular series of products offers installers a versatile line of speaker that can be used for whole-house audio and home theater, and the line incorporates application and configuration choices that their use without disrupting the aesthetic designs of a residential home environment.

Built around the new Modular One satellite, Modular L+C+R and Modular Cinema all-in-one front soundstage speakers, the Modular series supports installers ability to spec these speakers with or without decorative baffles systems that include optional grille screen prints that provide the ability to match the lengths of 42-inch and 50-inch flat-panel televisions.

The Modular series speakers start at $680 each.

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