Are You (Technologically) Arrogant?


Reuters says that the study looked at 20 personality traits, including openness, creativity, self esteem and spontaneity.

A new study says that most gadget buyers are a bunch of jerky-jerkfaces.

Jun. 19, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Hey jerky! You may know a lot about gadgets, but does that make you king of the ring?

Apparently, you think so—at least that’s what a new study says. Sure we all have opinions and want what’s best, but according to Nielsen and Mindset Media (via Reuters), many early adopters are wealthy and downright arrogant.

Of the 25,000 consumers were polled, avid tech fans asserted leadership, dynamism and assertiveness. That doesn’t sound so bad, but the poll also showed that those same people were low in modesty. Your mom always said you were number one… now you have a study to back it up!

“There’s an element of pride in being able to have the latest and greatest, not just in the realm of technology, but in all other areas,” said Sarah Welch, lead researcher at Internet ad network firm Mindset Media.

What’s the bigger story: The results or that they actually put money into this “study?”

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