Aquavision Debuts 57-inch LCD for Your Bathroom

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Aquavision’s 57-inch waterproof TV

Aquavision's big-screen LCD delivers full 1080p resolution high-def and turns into a mirror when it's not in use.

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For those of you that have the space in your bathroom to house a TV that most people would be envious of for their living rooms, Aquavision has debuted a 57-inch waterproof flat-panel, in-wall TV for your bathroom.

When the thing is turned off, its Mirrorvision technology turns the glass into a mirror. When it’s on, you can soak in a tub and enjoy full HD 1080p resolution on the LCD screen.

Of course we can’t all spring for 57-inch screens in our bathrooms, or the champagne wishes and caviar dreams for that matter. Aquavision produces TVs up to 40 inches as well, with those in 10.4, 15, 17 and 26 inches featuring Mirrovision as well.

The set comes with two remotes—one waterproof, and one that’s not, so no need to worry about it fritzing out on you, though instead of losing it under the couch cushion you might have to wade through mounds of bubbles to unearth it.

And you don’t have to have it installed in your bathroom. It could be for outdoor use, or an indoor home theater—the company touts its products for installation wherever you might want an in-wall TV.

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