Apple Working with HD Radio for iTunes Tagging


Push the Tag button, and later you can preview, purchase, and enjoy music with iTunes and your iPod.

New products and service allows you to mark favorite songs during radio play and purchase them later.

Sep. 07, 2007 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Just when you thought there wasn’t anything else they could add to the iPod experience. Now HD Radio wants in on the success, so they are teaming up with Apple for a new free service called iTunes Tagging.

Basically when you’re rocking out to HD Radio and your favorite Foghat song comes on, you can just push the Tag button, and your system will mark that song for purchase on iTunes.

The service is a joint effort between Apple and iBiquity Digital, as well as the several broadcasters that need to implement the system on their radio stations.

And (thankfully), it doesn’t just work with Foghat. It’s perfect for all of those songs that you loved but had no clue who performed them. However, you will need a compatible system. Right now, the Polk I-Sonic Entertainment System 2 (shown) and the JBL iHD are the only two units that will have the Tag option.

Both the Polk and JBL products will be available in time for the holidays. Expect other products for the home and car to hit in 2008.





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