Apple TV Dials into HD Movie Rental Desires

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Apple TV will soon give you HD choices

The latest edition of Apple TV will allow you to rent HD movie titles from Apple to view directly on your TVs.

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While we’re on the subject of online video rentals today, here’s a new wrinkle Apple is tossing out at Macworld: HD rentals you can enjoy from your Apple TV.

Word from Macworld is that a $229 Apple TV will begin shipping in a couple of weeks, with more than 100 HD titles ready to be rented. Cost will be $4.99 for new releases and $3.99 for library titles.

Once you choose a movie, you’ll have 30 days to watch it, but once you press play, Apple notes, you need to finish watching within 24 hours.

High-def films will be available in 720p, and may include 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound. We say may, because as one observant commenter noted, there’s a little footnote that clarifies that it’s not available with all HD rentals. DTS 5.1 then??

If you already own Apple TV, you’ll be able to download a firmware update to have the HD capabilities.

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