Apple is Way Awesome, But Let Cool Heads Prevail


CE pros need to help out their homeowner customers by giving their own green light when it comes to OS upgrades.

Sep. 20, 2010 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

I wrote a story recently about Apple, the iPad, iOS 4.1 and home automation.

In it, I chronicled one developer and his frustrating iOS experiences, and another developer who cautioned custom electronics pros to tell customers not to upgrade to 4.1 until its home automation app was fully vetted.

Once the comments started flooding in, it was clear my message was completely lost.

So let’s try again, with a little less subtlety:

1. Custom electronics pros and their customers don’t rush out to upgrade to the latest Microsoft OS until they know the developers’ key apps will work properly.

2. Yet a CE pro or installer must be the first one on the block to upgrade to Apple’s newest operating system?

3. Why would they do that?

CE pros and consumers are rushing to replace dedicated home controllers with multipurpose iPods, iPhones and iPads. The new i-platforms and related i-hardware probably saved a lot of CE Pro businesses this year.

But no one is looking out for iOS-based automation like CE pros and their vendors are.

So pros have to be the one that polices every app they ever download onto any iOS device for their clients.

To our precautionary CE pro readers, vet these apps before you “bless” any iOS upgrade. Communicate with your homeowner clients about the latest moves by Apple ... or Microsoft ... or Google ... or any other OS developer over which you have no control.

So far, I have not heard any reports of consumers having issues with a home control app after a 4.1 upgrade.

But even though Apple is awesomely awesome—it truly is—we should still be as vigilant as we would be with any OS.

That’s what I meant to say.

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