Apple, Fox Reportedly Have Movie Rental Deal in Works

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Apple’s iTunes store a movie rental shop?

Downloading video rentals via Apple's iTunes store would become an option if a company's deal with Fox is reality.

Dec. 27, 2007 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Can Apple do for video watching what the company has done for music listening? Movie and television show download purchases from the iTunes store haven’t quite revolutionized the industry the way iTunes music downloads and the accompanying iPod player have for music, but look out ...

According to several reports, Apple and Fox are working on a movie deal that will allow for rental downloads of Fox movies at the iTunes store. Apparently you’ll be able to grab them and store them for a limited time.

Of course, downloading movies even as rentals isn’t a new concept—take Netflix for example.

With Apple, however, the combination of consumer loyalty and existing familiarity with the iTunes digital store could change the rental game. No word on how much rentals would cost, but maybe the price will be right.

Then, there’s still the whole high-def download, or lack thereof, for video content that will be another step when it comes about. For now, we’ll see how the Apple and Fox relationship works out, and if this could be a boon for the movie industry and consumers alike.

Via: Yahoo! (from Reuters)

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