Apple Debuts Movie Downloads, iPods, NFL Deal


Apple continues its worldwide quest for digital domination.

Sep. 12, 2006 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

No one can accuse the guys at Apple of being lazy, eh? Today they announced a slew of new offerings.

Starting today, the company’s iTunes music/TV store will now become a music/TV/movie store. That’s right; Apple announced the immediate availability of 75 Disney movies for your iPod’s tiny screen. New titles will cost $14.99; after a week of availability, the price drops to $9.99. Other studios are expected to jump on board—hopefully soon.

In case you run out of movies to watch, iTunes will also be offering NFL highlights the day after games are played. Those highlight reels will sell for $1.99, or you can opt for your favorite team’s “season pass” for $24.99. “NFL GameDay” will also be available for $1.99 per show or $19.99 for a full season.

To accommodate your growing addiction to downloading (remember, now you’ve got a movie monkey on your back!), Apple has introduced two new video iPods. Both the 30-GB and the 80-GB model boasts a brighter screen and video game capabilities.

There’s also a thinner nano, which now comes in five colors and a smaller Shuffle. Thanks, but neither of those can show “The Incredibles!!”

  • iTunes video titles: $1.99 to $14.99; games: $4.99
  • 75 Disney movies offered initially
  • NFL highlights: $1.99 each; $24.99 for team season pass
  • “NFL Game Day”: $1.99 per show; $19.99 full season
  • New video iPods boast brighter screens & video game features
  • Two models: 80GB ($349), 30GB ($249)
  • nano available in 5 colors; 8GB ($249), 4GB ($199), 2GB ($149)
  • Smaller Shuffle; 1GB ($79)

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