App Alert: Wall of Sound Puts 20 Million Songs at Your Fingertips


The new Wall of Sound app promises to enhance your current musical experience.

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We love picking out new music. However, endless lists of songs and artists can be a tad bit overwhelming, and well… boring. Wall of Sound wants to make the audio experience a visual one.

NuageProduction’s Wall Of Sound app provides the ability to preview music through an interface filled with album cover art. The user can choose from about 20 million selections, since it also taps into everything that’s available at the iTunes store.

Um, so how is that different from going through iTunes? Well, this newly released app makes the process of choosing music a fun, tactile, visual and interactive experience. It can also make personalized suggestions, based on your musical taste.

Using proprietary technology, Wall of Sound chooses its selections based on music that’s currently stored in your library—even the DRM titles. The end result is an interface that includes both your personal collection and suggestions from iTunes, across different genres, up to 1,000 tiles.

“We wanted to change the experience of navigating your personal library and discovering new music,” says Fred Sigal, NuageProduction’s founder and president. “Instead of relying on a sea of words, linear scrolling and long lists found in typical navigation experiences, the patented Wall Of Sound experience emphasizes tactile, visual and, of course, auditory qualities. The quest of getting to a desired track is as enjoyable as listening to the track itself. It feels like a game.”

If you’re interested in getting a better idea of how Wall of Sound works, check out the short promo video below.

App: Wall of Sound
Find it Here: iTunes
Cost: Free

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