Antique Cabinet Revamped for New HDTV


Old and new collide when a high-end A/V system camps out in an antique cabinet.

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The craftsman who designed and built this beautiful cabinet was surely not thinking about speakers, TVs and other technology when he put it together. It’s way too old for that. Still, as the owners of the cherished piece of antique furniture discovered, anything is possible when you apply some creativity and ingenuity.

In this case, it was the custom electronics professionals at Innerspace Electronics, Port Chester, N.Y, that hatched a plan that would enable several components to be installed neatly inside the cabinet without damaging its original design. This meant no holes would be drilled, no screws would be added and the lacquered finish would remain unmarred, says Innerspace Electronics president Barry Reiner. The solution was to build a freestanding insert that would attach to the cabinet’s existing cleats. The configuration of the shelves was based on the A/V equipment specified by Innerspace Electronics.

Everything, including a 63-inch Pioneer plasma TV, three Triad speakers (left, center and right), Denon A/V receiver, Pioneer Blu-ray Disc player, and cable box, would each fit into their allotted space perfectly. The insert was also designed to accommodate cabling. Innerspace finished off the A/V setup, which is part of a large Apple-based Savant automation system, by recessing Triad surround-sound speakers into the ceiling and a Triad subwoofer on the floor next to the cabinet. A Savant app lets the owners control the A/V system, as well as the Lutron dimmer switches and Lutron motorized shades in this room via an iPad.

Check out more pictures of this project here.

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