Another Sexy Speaker: Dynaudio’s Consequence Ultimate Edition


Dynaudio’s Consequence Ultimate Edition loudspeaker is engineered to provide users with the highest levels of performance, and the highest levels of industrial design through its use of furniture-grade cabinets and real-wood finishes.

Check out another stunning loudspeaker from renowned Danish loudspeaker manufacturer Dynaudio, the Consequnce Ultimate Edition.

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With nearly 30 years of manufacturing experience as an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) partner and as a provider of end user products for professional and consumer applications, the Danish company Dynaudio has earned a reputation as one of the top speaker companies in the world.

Last year, the company announced its floorstanding Consequence Ultimate Edition loudspeaker, which it says is engineered to provide music fans and home theater enthusiasts with a loudspeaker that is capable of producing an uncolored dynamic range of 17Hz to 30kHz. We didn’t include it in our recent 19 Sexy Speakers roundup, but we thought it deserved individual attention since we missed it the first time around.

Get a better look at this mammoth speaker, which weighs about 250 pounds each, with some of the detailed pics below.

The Danish manufacturer says the speaker utilizes a five-way design concept with proprietary drivers that were developed specifically for this speaker. In the speaker Dynaudio incorporates its Compound Bass System, which includes the use of an internal woofer that’s unseen from the outside, and a driver arrangement that’s designed to provide listeners with a cohesive, time-aligned listening experience.

Aesthically, Dynaudio wraps the speaker’s inert cabinets with real-wood wenge and rosewood finishes and a choice of gold- or chrome-plated driver rings. And the speaker will cost you a pretty penny for the pretty finishes—$70K per pair—but we’re sure they’ll be golden to your audiophile ears.

Here are some more looks at this looker of a loudspeaker:

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