Anchor Bay Brings HDMI 1.3 to Its New Video Processor

DVDO processor

Anchor Bay’s DVDO iScan VP50PRO video processor

Anchor Bay's DVDO iScan VP50PRO is the first processor for home theaters to incorporate HDMI 1.3, as well as new Video Reference Series technologies.

Aug. 15, 2007 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Just call it upscale video scaling and processing. Anchor Bay has upped the ante on video processing by bowing the first processor for home theater systems to use HDMI 1.3 receiver/transmitter chips, according to the company—the DVDO iScan VP50PRO.

In its flagship role for the iScan family, the VP50PRO also offers ISF ccc certification and new VRS Video Reference Series technologies—Mosquito Noise Reduction, Fine Detail Enhancement and Edge Enhancement—which improve the quality of compressed and low-resolution content coming from STBs, DVRs, DVD, IPTV, and other digital media devices when viewed on high-resolution/high-definition displays, says Anchor Bay.

The VP50PRO also includes 10-bit Precision Deinterlacing, 10-bit Precision Video Scaling up to 1080p, PReP (Progressive Re-Processing), Progressive Cadence Detection, and RightRate VRS technologies to maximize picture quality.

The use of HDMI 1.3 receiver/transmitter chips allows users to connect other HDMI-compliant 1.3 devices that support high-definition audio formats and Deep Color, available on newer sources like HD DVD, Blu-Ray and PlayStation 3, as well as giving the processor a measure of future-proofing.

The processor is due out in September. For more details, go to

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