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MartinLogan Purity

Many of MartinLogan’s offerings qualify for Amazon’s free Super Saver Shipping.

The high-end speaker manufacturer is going all e-tail on us.

Jun. 03, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Speaker nerds now have another outlet to scarf up MartinLogan speakers. Instead of calling a dealer, they can just plop down in front of the computer and let their fingers do the walking.

MartinLogan just announced that they have their own little corner of

Currently, there are 15 products available (although one isn’t in stock), ranging from stands to in-walls to subwoofers. However, you won’t find every one of the manufacturer’s offerings, just the MartinLogan Design Series.

“Many people still think speakers look like those ugly boxes that were made back in the 1970’s,” says says Noah Herschman,’s director of Audio Video. “MartinLogan has used the latest speaker technology to create stylish in-wall, on-wall and floor-standing speakers that sound incredible. We look forward to exposing the benefits of MartinLogan speakers to people who normally would not go into a consumer electronics store.”

Speaker models currently on the site start at $399, with subwoofers starting at $599. Speaker stands are also available for $200 to $325.

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