Amazon Cuts Kindle Price Again, Now $259


Amazon’s Kindle is now $259

After being offered for $359 earlier in 2009, Amazon's Kindle is now $259.

Oct. 07, 2009 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Have you gotten into the spirit of e-reading yet?

Amazon, of course, put the tech style of reading into the public with its Kindle, and other companies have been joining the fray, like Sony and its own e-reader.

Thankfully competition typically breeds lower prices all around, and so for the second time since it was initially offered for $359, Amazon is dropping the price of its Kindle. The new price is $259 for the Kindle with U.S. wireless (down from the latest $299 price).

Still not quite the $199 starting price on Sony’s Reader Pocket Edition, but not too bad considering Amazon has more than 350,000 titles to choose from in its digital bookstore.

Also, for the international crowd (including Americans traveling or living abroad) who want to wirelessly download English-language content, Amazon announced an international Kindle that will begin shipping Oct. 19 for $279.

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