Algolith’s Acclaim Sets Professional Video Standard to Processing, Scaling

Algolith Acclaim

Algolith’s Acclaim HD video processor-scaler

Algolith's Acclaim HD video processor-scaler incorporates technology previously only available to film directors and video professionals, the company says.

Jun. 14, 2007 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Algolith, a Canadian developer of video image enhancement solutions, has introduced its high-performing and versatile Acclaim HD video processor-scaler to give homeowners greater video imagery and flexibility in where their professional installer sets up the projector.

The Acclaim’s AnyPlace flexible projector placement, allows installers to place video projectors virtually anywhere in a room while maintaining every element of the processor-scaler. The Acclaim’s Realta HQV Video Engine by Silicon Optix, provides a standard of video excellence called Hollywood Quality Video, or HQV, making the device ideal for use with standard-definition DVDs, satellite TV, and digital cable signals, Algolith says.

The Acclaim up-scales, down-scales, de-interlaces and cadence-corrects all video signals from 480i to 1080p, the company says, adding that the product uses technology previously available only to film directors and video professionals, allowing viewers of large-screen displays — plasma, LCD and projection — to benefit from advanced de-interlacing, detail enhancement, and noise reduction processing.

The Acclaim includes front-panel controls and a bright active-matrix LCD screen for detailed settings menus. It also comes with a remote control designed for its specific capabilities. MSRP on the Acclaim from authorized Algolith dealers is $3,995.

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