Give Your Theater Some Pop with Cretors’ Small Concession Poppers

Goldrush popper

Cretors’ Goldrush small concession popper

You can charge guests whatever you like for the bags of popcorn you'll be able to serve with Cretors' Goldrush, Nugget and Nite Club popcorn makers.

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What’s the cinema experience without that snacking staple of good ol’ popcorn? For those who want to go the extra step with their home theater, one way to do so is by adding things like a marquee, backlit movie posters and popcorn makers. C. Cretors and Company has a line of 6-ounce small concession poppers designed for home theaters.

The line includes the Nugget, the Nite Club and the Goldrush. Each provides 120 1-ounce servings per hour, the company says. The products feature corrosion-resistant stainless steel or nickel plated all-steel kettles for durability, and a direct drive agitator for longer motor life.

The poppers include a plug-in, clean-in-place kettle for easy cleaning and quick kettle change-out. A cycling pilot light indicates when the kettle is ready to begin production, and an eye-level lighted rocker switch indicates operation, so you don’t have to worry about difficult operation of the popper or serving your guests burnt popcorn. The Nite Club and Goldrush models also have a thermostatically controlled heated corn deck.

The Nite Club is available with custom glass etching, and the Goldrush is offered in an antique version with hand-painted scroll.

Other options include a single push “One-Pop” button that heats the kettle, pops the corn and shuts off after one popping cycle, stainless steel kettles and tops, a salt/sweet switch, a one-pop option with counter for recording the number of popping cycles, and custom painting.

Consult a Cretors dealer for pricing. Go to for more info.

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