Ace to Show Off $999 CableCard-ready PCs

ace computers

Ace Computers will be showing $999 HTPCs at CES 2009

Ace Computers will have your home theater PC ready to roll with cable viewing and DVR with CableCard systems at friendly prices.

Jan. 02, 2009 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

So you want to use your computer as a true home theater PC (HTPC) for your entertainment needs, eh?

The folks at Ace Computers are ready to help you ace that test. And it won’t hurt your wallet too much, either.

The company will be showcasing some CableCard-equipped HTPCs at next week’s CES 2009 expo in Las Vegas, hoping some home theater buffs will be hitting the jackpot with these machines.

ZDnet says that Ace’s $999 CableCard LMS 250 systems will be ready to view and record your encrypted cable channels, with processing from AMD’s Maui entertainment platform (in this case the Phenom) or Intel Core 2 Duo.

Whether you go AMD or Intel, you’ll get 2 GB of RAM, a 500-GB hard drive, DVD burner and internal ATI digital cable tuner to hold your CableCard. You’ll be glued to the video on your PC with the aid of Windows Vista Home Premium and its built-in Media Center for easy recording and viewing delights.

There’s also an option for a $100 Blu-ray drive, ZDnet notes, which would still put Ace’s HTPC price way below market average. Plenty left over for a Media Center extender—Xbox 360, anyone?

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