A Plethora of Plasmas to Pick From


An AMX handheld color touch panel allows the homeowner to be able to switch audio and video between the primary and secondary plasma screens at the touch of a button.

This living room features a 63-inch Fujitsu fireplace-mounted plasma and dual 50-inch Sony plasmas.

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This homeowner’s request of his electronics installer was to have a good surround system and a TV mounted over the fireplace. He ended up with surround sound—and also surround video.

For the homeowner’s room that features a bar, pool table and sitting area, systems installer MHS Technologies of Newland, NC, chose a 63-inch Fujitsu plasma to be recess-mounted in the rock work above the fireplace. It soon concluded that one monitor was not going to cut it for this expansive room. So it added matching Sony 50-inch plasmas on either side of the fireplace, mounted on articulating arms in the cabinetry.

MHS didn’t exactly have to twist the homeowner’s arm, and one look at the three-TV setup shows why. Any sports fan’s jaw would certainly drop at the sight.

For the surround sound, MHS placed Klipsch bookshelf speakers in the cabinetry to form a center channel. Another pair of bookshelf speakers, two Klipsch Reference Series Powered subwoofers and in-ceiling surround speakers complete the audio package.

For system control, MHS chose an AMX MVP-8400 wireless touch panel. The installers decided that only audio from the sources playing on the primary plasma would route to the surround-sound processor. A Vaux component matrix switcher allows for easy changing of video sources as well as audio and video from sources played on the secondary plasmas to be switched to the Fujitsu and played in surround sound.

A press of the button on the AMX touch panel lets the homeowner flip flop audio and video from the primary and secondary TVs. He can choose between three HD satellite receivers, cable and a DVD player for content.


  • Fujitsu P63XHA41US 63-inch plasma
  • Sony FWD50PX2 50-inch plasma (2)
  • Audio/Video Components
  • Panamax Max 4310 surge protector
  • Straight Wire interconnect cables
  • Vaux LE-400HD 4x4 HD component matrix video switcher
  • Yamaha DVC6760 5-disc CD/DVD player
  • Yamaha RX-V2600 A/V receiver
  • Speakers
  • Klipsch RB-35 Reference Series Bookcase speakers (2 pr)
  • Klipsch Reference Series Powered subwoofer (2)
  • Control
  • AMX MVP-7500 7.5-inch color wireless touch panel
  • AMX NXD-CV7 7-inch in-wall color touch panel
  • AMX NI-3000 Netlinx processor
  • AMX PLK-MSP8 audio control station
  • Aprilaire 8870 commuicating HVAC thermostat
  • Lighting
  • LiteTouch S-Series lighting control stations (4)
  • Furniture, Acoustics & Accessories
  • Middle Atlantic SRSR rotating equipment rack (2)
  • Panasonic KXT-7736 phone/intercom
  • Panasonic KXT-TD7680 cordless phone/intercom

MHS Technologies
Newland, NC

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