A High-Tech National Kitchen & Bath Month


Consider a few electronic add-ons for these spaces.

Oct. 25, 2010 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

The National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) has declared October National Kitchen & Bath Month. I know, I know, October is almost over, but thought I’d slip at least a few innovative ideas into your thoughts. After all, the kitchen is probably the most used room in your house. If any spot, it deserves a high-tech update. Your master bath, too, could benefit from a few electronic touches. Here are some inspired ideas to get the ball rolling. As always, it’s best to bring in a custom electronics (CE) professional for his advice on the design and implementation of your concepts.

For the Kitchen:

  • dimmable lighting. Sure, you’ll mostly want the lights in your kitchen bright for cooking and cleaning. But if you entertain at all, consider replace your existing toggle switches with dimmers. Add on a system that’ll let you fade the lights to certain intensities at the touch of button on a keypad or remote control, and you’ll have instant ambiance for any gathering.
  • video. With all the cabinetry, it can be difficult to incorporate a TV into a kitchen. Here’s where a specialty TV mount can come in handy. You’ll be able to hang a smallish set underneath the upper cabinets. If the mount swivels, even better. It can be twisted so that the display faces the stove while you’re whipping up dinner, then over to the dining area while you’re eating.
  • vac pan. Installed in the baseboard, an electronic vac pan whisks away any crumbs and dirt you sweep near it. Its part of a whole-house central vacuum system, so this add on takes a bit of planning.
  • water sensors. The addition of a simple sensor can save hours of heartache and thousands of dollars. Put water sensors under the sink and behind the fridge. Should they sense a leak, you’ll be informed before any real damage happens.

    For the Bathroom

    • Mirror TV. It’s often easier to catch the news while you’re getting ready in the morning. Several manufacturers make mirror TVs, where the TV is built right into the vanity mirror. It only appears when you turn on the TV; otherwise the mirror functions like a standard mirror.
    • waterproof remote. With a clicker that’s able to shrug off moisture, you’ll be able to control your TV while you soak in the tub.
    • Occupancy sensors. The lights can snap on the second someone steps into the bathroom, making late night visits to the commode less daunting.


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