A Few Favorite Products from CEDIA 2011


Earthquake’s attention-getting iPod speakers cost about $499/pair.

Products that made an impression at the CEDIA Expo.

Sep. 09, 2011 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

A product doesn’t have to be expensive or ground breaking to leave a lasting impression. Case in point, some of my favorite gadgets at the CEDIA Expo were simply those that happened to strike my fancy at the moment… that made me smile … that made me wish a had some cash on hand to buy it right then and there, for no other reason than pure impulse.

Black speakers, white speakers, even red speakers are so ho-hum. But hot pink? Those I have to have. They’d look awful in my living room, I’m sure, but what a conversation starter. There’s even an iPod dock on the top. From Earthquake Sound. $499/pair

I don’t own an iPad … yet, but when I do, I’d like it to live on this bean bag mount from Salamander. About $100

I can’t hang a picture straight, so a flat-panel TV? No way. This nifty mount features a built in bubble level so that even unstable hanger-uppers like me can their flat-panel TVs situated perfectly straight. From Level Mount, starts at $19.95.

An edible 7-foot remote—who can resist that? Especially when it’s made by Buddy Valastro, the Cake Boss from TLC. Elan Home Systems celebrated at its booth at CEDIA with a cake made to resemble its H2 handheld remote. The touchscreen part of the remote was fully operational, and when we were done admiring it, we ate it.

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