9 Hilarious Old-School Automation Ads


We went through an old buying guide of Electronic House from 1989 to pull out some old gems.

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Although somewhere at EH Publishing we have the full archive of Electronic House magazines dating back to 1986, I personally lost mine during a move many years ago.

Lutron veteran Rick Schuett—a longtime industry guru and friend o’ EH—dug up a few back issues and was kind enough to send them to me.

The articles and products from back then were quite amusing, but so were the ads, most of which lacked any flair what so ever.

Several of these companies, like Home Automation Inc. (HAI) and Parks Associates, are still around and thriving under the original ownership. Others, like distributor Home Automation Systems, were acquired and continue to thrive under new ownership as SmartHome. Still others, like X10, haven’t changed since 1989.

And then, there was Mastervoice ...

These advertisements are from 1989. Later this week, we’ll look at a some more ads through 1994.

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