$99 Can Buy You a Harmony

Logitech Harmony 510

Logitech has the Harmony 510 on sale now for under $100.

Logitech has quietly added the Harmony 510 to its remote lineup.

Oct. 06, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Logitech keeps cranking out those Harmony remotes. This time, they’ve quietly started selling the Harmony 510, which is parked nicely beneath the $100 mark.

CNET says the unit is an awful lot like the Harmony 550, except it’s got a different color scheme and has a few less keys—two to be exact. The 550 costs an extra $30, which means those two keys are valued at $15 each.

Logitech says the unit can control up to five devices. Of course, like every other Harmony, you can push one button to activate a series of devices (turn on the TV, dim the lights, fire up the DVD player, etc.). However, one tidbit we really like is the interactive LCD. This feature will ask users questions to make sure you’re watching and listening to what you want, how you want it.

If that doesn’t tickle your TV trigger finger, there’s also the Logitech Harmony Advanced Universal Remote for Xbox 360. Also priced at $99, the units adds your Xbox 360 (duh!) into the mix, as well as control for up to 11 other components.

Both are available now directly from Logitech as well as a slew of other retailers. CNET also says there are deals to be had, if you do a little digging on the web. For instance Buy.com has the 510 for $85, while SkyMall has the Xbox model for $70.

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