8 Ways to Hide Your Speakers


When you want your music to be heard and not seen, use these clever concealment techniques and types of products.

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Small room got your audio hopes down? Perhaps there’s no good place to locate those killer speakers you’ve been dreaming of. Or maybe, like many of us, you have a very significant other with very significant needs—as in “don’t even think about bringing that big speaker near my family room.”

It doesn’t have to be big loudspeaker or bust. Loudspeakers for stereo and home theater systems can be concealed in a variety of innovative ways. There are many different in-wall and in-ceiling speakers that fit to the surface of a wall.

Read on, and you’ll find speakers that blend into walls so they’re virtually invisible, speakers in ceiling fans, speakers disguised as lights, and even speakers hidden behind paint.

There’s long been a perception that settling for “hidden” speakers means a compromise in performance, but speaker technology has been very good to our evolving decor needs. Some in-wall, on-wall and in-ceiling speakers have become so good at reproducing sound that these inconspicuous speakers can even quench an enthusiast’s thirst for high-performance audio.

Besides, have you ever walked into a room with great sound and can’t tell where it’s coming from? It’s the coolest thing.

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