8 Ways to Hide a TV


Pop up, slide out or drop down, there are hideaway options for every type of screen.

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TVs are a fact of modern life. According to Nielsen’s Television Audience Report, the average American home has 2.86 TVs.

Hopefully, yours are of the flat-panel design. They’re much less obtrusive than old-fashioned CRTs and can squeeze into just about any space.

Still, a screen is a screen — not much to look at when you’re not watching something on it.

Manufacturers have tried to jazz up that big, black rectangle with colored bezels and other ornamentation, but those are merely Band-Aid solutions. The only way you’ll be able to completely ignore your set is to put it where you can’t see it.

There are lots of ways to conceal screens, and we’ve compiled some of the most creative solutions for your consideration.

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