8 Speakers & Subwoofers For Under $1,000


Update your setup with any of these affordable speakers and subwoofers.

May. 08, 2009 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Last week, we were living in the world of exotic, high-performance speakers when we examined flagship products from Wilson Audio, Focal, Cabasse, YG Acoustics, Sonus faber and PMC.

This week, we thought we would turn the tables and look at some speakers that most of us could afford or at least save up for and buy at some point.

Comparing this group of speakers to the big flagship products from those high-performance manufacturers, these products are much smaller, as well as more conservative in their industrial designs, and unlike those products from the elite six, these eight products are not full range in their frequency response.

With that said, this versatile group of products can be used for just about any audio purpose. When supplemented with additional subwoofers, you can put together a really killer sound system that costs much less than those big dog products.

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If you have any thoughts on a speaker we may have missed let us know why it deserves recognition.

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