7 Popular Projectors for Your Home Theater


Here are seven projectors for home theaters from the most used projector brands by CE pros.

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It wasn’t too long ago that plasma and LCD TVs were the sexy additions to someone’s home theater. 

Projectors, however, are starting to taking over in the world of home theaters.

Many consumers are opting for a projection-based home theater or media room because of the value it represents. A quality high-definition projection system can be put together for reasonable money.

The most obvious benefit of a projection-based system is the large screen. But there are other factors besides the screen size:

  • Availability of 1080p products
  • Ability to replicate a real commercial theater through anamorphic lens technologies

According to the CE Pro 100 Brand Analysis, the most used projector brands include: Runco, Sony, Digital Projection, SIM2, Epson, JVC and Marantz.

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