7 HD DVDs Worth Buying


HD DVD users are still buying up discs. Looking to add a few more to your collection?

Oct. 03, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

So it looks like a lot of our readers are still buying up HD DVDs . We don’t blame them; everyone loves a cheap thrill, especially when it’s delivered in high-def.

In honor of recent developments, we decided to put together a quickie list of some of our favorite HD DVDs. Sure, we don’t expect the format to ever make a comeback, but if you’re still collecting, you might want to consider adding at least one of these to your A/V cabinet.

Low prices and the occasional Amazon deal can still be found, but overall, the best place we found to buy HD DVDs was good, old eBay. The prices listed were what we found at press time. Expect some to fluctuate, but the site does have tons of titles for under $5—some with free shipping.

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What are some of your favorites that you’d recommend others? Give us your top 7 in the Comments section below.

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