6 Video Technologies to Watch For


Look for more 3D, 240Hz, interactive TV, LED, CinemaScope and 4K products.

Oct. 13, 2009 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

The much-hyped DTV transition passed pretty quietly earlier in 2009.

Consumers, for the most part, have adapted to the change without a hitch, settling in with their flat-panel TVs, HD projectors and digital television converter boxes.

That’s the cue for engineers on the manufacturing side to push out the “the next big thing” to build on TV’s momentum.

Some of the projects these engineers are working on can be evaluated as a logical technological progression in the format, while others will be evaluated as extreme technologies straight out of the pages of science-fiction.

Boston-area video expert Gary Guidi, president of Home Theater by Design, explains some of the new technologies consumers can expect to see in the immediate future.

Here are 6 Video Technologies to Watch For.

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