5 Solutions to Hiding Speaker Wire


These products can help conceal your surround-sound speaker wiring if you can't go behind walls, under floors or above ceilings.

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If you’re adding a surround-sound system to a family room, or even transforming a basement into a theater, you’re not always going to have perfect conditions for hiding wires.

When you’re connecting your receiver to two or four surround speakers, or maybe front LCR speakers, on the other side of the room depending on where your equipment rack is, it can be tough to conceal all of that wiring. Especially if you don’t have the luxury, or tools, to route everything inside walls or within a drop ceiling or down below to the basement and back up again.

You may be able to pull up carpeting or remove the baseboards, tack the wiring down, and replace the coverings. You may even have the wherewithal to drill and snake through baseboards without removing them. Perhaps you live in a condo or apartment where tinkering with walls or ceilings isn’t even an option.

And you can always tape, staple or tack the wire in low-profile or inconspicuous areas of the wall, perhaps behind furniture, to achieve solid results (or at least appease your significant other).

If your answer to the wiring question is none of the above, check out this slideshow of 5 Solutions to Hiding Speaker Wire.

These are only a handful of suggestions. If you didn’t fish through walls or drop ceilings, how did you conceal the speaker wiring in your media room or theater? Feel free to add suggestions in a comment below.

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