5 Rockin’ & Affordable 5.1 Speaker Systems

definitive procinema1000

Definitive Technology’s ProCinema 1000

Our "AVS Recommends" series continues with 5 surround-sound systems that won't break your wallet.

Nov. 17, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Surround-sound speaker systems for your theater room can range wildly. You can be happy with a 5.1 setup that’s right out of a home theater in a box, step up to more weighty cabinet and bookshelf models, or have a larger system that uses towers all over the place—including the center channel and surrounds.

We asked our friends over on the AVS Forum for some recommendations that our readers can use for the holiday season.

In our “AVS Recommends” series we’ve already discussed options for your A/V receiver and flat-panel TV—LCD and plasma—so here goes with some 5.1 systems. Since there weren’t overwhelmingly dominant choices this time around, here are 5 for your perusal (sorry, no extra .1) as you can view the slideshow here.

Of the brands that did receive multiple votes, the loudest choice went to Definitive Technology and its ProCinema Series—either the 600 or 1000 series—for its value and dynamics.

So where would you point people if they were looking for an affordable sound system that can still rock their socks off? What other specific models or brands would you add to the AVSers’ list? Sound off in the comments below.

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