5 Ridiculously Expensive Blu-ray Players


What does a $15,000 player have that a $78 one does not?

Jan. 09, 2010 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Blu-ray players are becoming a commodity in the sense that a $78 Blu-ray player can be bought at Walmart.

Manufacturers do, however, offer compelling reasons why consumers ought to shell out more cash for better Blu-ray players. It’s up to consumers, of course, to decide if those features are worth saving hundreds — or even thousands — of dollars.

CES 2010 saw several super-expensive Blu-ray player releases.

You’ll notice that none of the pricey Blu-ray players are 3D compatible. There weren’t many — if any — prices announced for the 3D-friendly Blu-ray players touted during CES.

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