5 Great Garage Theaters

Garage Mahal

Each of our five favorites includes something to make it a standout.

Why let your car have all of the fun? Here are a few of our favorite garages.

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Some of us dream of having our cars nestled in at night. Then there are those of us that have bigger and better ideas for that space.

After all, most cars could deal with a little snow and bird business, if a giant theater screen and speakers were the trade-off.

We have seen a lot of people ditch the well being of their cars, all in the name of great entertainment. Instead of pimping their rides, they added comfy seats, big screens and even bigger sound systems—and in some cases, a few completely unique items that make us want to move in a bed, a toilet and truly call this room “home.”

We’ve picked out just a few of the garage spaces that manage to get our motors running, despite the lack of actual automobiles—with one exception, anyway. Each of these homeowners took that typically dirty, greasy, critter-infested space and made something truly special out of it.

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