4 Technologies Worse Than Their Predecessors


Innovation isn't always a good thing. Here are four technologies that are worse than what they replaced.

Nov. 09, 2009 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

The world lives, eats and breathes for new technology. It’s what CE pros and enthusiast consumers do every day.

The pursuit of technology is relentless. Everyone wants the latest in electronics, from flat panels to iPhones.

It’s great news for integrators because it means upgrades, upgrades, upgrades. But are some of those upgrades even worse than the previous technology?

A recent study revealed that in an effort to save fuel, trans-Atlantic freighters have cut their average speed to 10 knots. But cargo sailing ships from 100 years ago averaged 13 knots. A single modern container ship emits the same amount of pollution as 50 million cars. Is that better?

Here are four technologies that aren’t better than their predecessors. Can you think of any other dodo bird technologies out there?

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