4 New Streaming Media Solutions at CES 2010


Word has leaked about four new digital media products.

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The Consumer Electronics Show 2010 promises to be a big event for streaming content.

Some companies are waiting til the big event to reveal their new offerings, but here are previews of some digital goodies.

External CableCard Tuner from SiliconDust

Microsoft announced last year that CableCard tuners would no longer be relegated to specialty Media Center PCs. Third parties can now develop their own tuners, which can be used with run-of-the-mill Windows 7 computers.

SiliconDust, which brought us the popular HDHomeRun network tuners for QAM/ATSC channels, apparently is coming out with a CableCard version.

Information as been leaked on the SiliconDust forums, as reported by GeekTonic. More information is expected to revealed at CES 2010.

Thiel + Olive Whole-House Digital Music

Thiel and Olive are collaborating on a streaming media solution that probably will enable the Olive music server to stream content directly to Thiel’s IP-enabled speakers.

Thiel introduced the audiophile-grade speakers — and Thielnet streaming technology — at CES 2008, with browser-based software that allows the speakers to pull music from PCs on the home network.

It seems the Thielnet speakers also will be able to stream music directly from an Olive server, no PC required, but details will not be revealed until CES 2010. For now, the two companies are only saying: “Come see the all digital IP-based compact HD music system collaboration between Olive and THIEL unveiling at CES.”

D-Link Wireless Digital Media Adapter

We’re already excited about D-Link’s forthcoming Boxee Box. Now the company is teasing a few other digital media goodies, including the D-Link Pebble.

Oh no, not another awkward form factor! The company explains: “It brings all of your stored movies, music and photos to your HDTV for everyone to enjoy. Plus, it lets you view live D-Link surveillance cameras footage from the comfort of a couch. …

No other media player of its size, style and price offers 802.11n wireless technology with full home networking capabilities. Also a CEA Innovations honoree, it can stream data from wherever it is stored—in USB thumbdrives, or SD/XM/Flash memory cards, in network storage (NAS) devices, PCs or on the Internet.”

In conjunction with that, D-Link is rolling out the Home Monitoring Starter Kit that enables remote video surveillance and email/text alerts based on sensor activity in the home.

Media from Divx

CE Pro has the scoop on some exciting developments from Divx, developer of video technologies for virtually any device with a screen. Over 200 million DivX devices have shipped.

But we won’t disclose the details until CES.

The company’s only public statement so far can be found in its invitation to a special event: “Major DivX announcement, demos, open bar, hors d’oeuvres, entertainment, and very special guests from CE, Hollywood, Media and Technology communities.”

If CE vendors and Hollywood are involved, could it be a new streaming video solution? Perhaps some content deals? Stay tuned.

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