450-lb Boulder 3060 Amp Is a Heavyweight Champ


The benchmark Boulder 3060 stereo amplifier is the second product within the company’s flagship 3000 series of products, and Boulder says the amp carries a suggested retail price of $115,000.

New stereo amp from vaunted manufacturer costs $115K

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In the world of consumer goods it is often difficult to compare the luxury market to the mass market. A good example of the differences between mass market and high-end, high-performance luxury goods can be found in the automobile industry.

According to the Cars.com, the top selling vehicle in the U.S. in 2012 was the Ford F150 Series of trucks which accounted for nearly 650,000 unit sales. Yahoo says that in 2013 Ford offers seven models within the F150 line and these products retail for a cost between just over $23,000 to nearly $53,000. Over in the luxury auto market Yahoo reports that Ferrari has just launched a new flagship car called the LaFerrari that can be ordered in a hybrid version that produces almost 1,000 horsepower and goes 0 to 60 in under three seconds—but the famous Italian sports car company is planning to build just 499 of these cars and the car is expected to carry a sticker price of $1.3 million.

The consumer electronics industry’s version of Ferrari could be the Colo.-based electronics manufacturer Boulder Amplifiers, Inc., which designs and manufactures its made in America products in small quantities to satisfy the needs of luxury consumers that want to go infinity and beyond with the sound quality of their audio systems. Boulder’s latest product is the newest addition to its flagship 3000 series of products, and the company says this new product, the 3060 stereo amplifier is engineered to deliver 900 watts of power into any impedance load.

Boulder explains the Class A circuit design 3060 is derived from its 3050 monoblock amplifier and the amplifier actively adjusts current bias to ensure maximum efficiency.

Internally, to aid its ability to produce its rated power capabilities, Boulder incorporates 120 output devices into the 450-pound amp’s output stage, and the 3060 also utilizes a complete array of protection and status monitoring features within the amplifier to ensure its optimum operation.

Externally the amp’s exterior features metalwork that is machined to match other 3000 series products, and the amp also features a black granite and stainless steel platform. 

To further ensure it meets its specified power the amplifier ships with 240-volt main AC lines that enable the amp to safely deliver the power and current necessary to drive any speaker load. The hefty amp carries a hefty price tag too, at $115,000.

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