44 In-Wall and In-Ceiling Loudspeakers


Here are 44 architectural loudspeakers for multiroom A/V and home theater.

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The economy has shown signs of recovery. Housing and oil prices have begun to stabilize, and some economists are predicting a turnaround later this year.

Consumers may soon start spending money again on their favorite activities, including home theater and music.

Architectural loudspeakers can be a secret weapon that could win a share of that spending, as they’re ideal for multiroom audio systems and dedicated theater rooms in which you don’t want to “see the sound” but still enjoy it.

Architectural loudspeakers are made up of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, providing consumers with the ability to entertain themselves without placing gaudy space-hogging speakers throughout their homes.

We’ve rounded up 44 of the latest models that have hit the market.

View 44 In-Wall and In-Ceiling Loudspeakers.

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