$4.5 Million House Shows Itself Via Home Automation


Elan g! automation system turns on home’s charm to prospective buyers.

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Technology not only makes life easier; according to Wolf Custom Homes in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, it can also help sell homes. The builder recently hired P.J. Aucoin of Home Concepts, Calgary, to design and install systems that would help showcase the craftsmanship of the 9,000-square-foot custom-built residence—and would automatically adjust its settings to suit the unique selling style of three different employees.

Normally hired to provide electronic systems to people in the process of building or remodeling their homes, Aucoin took cues primarily from Wolf Custom Homes’ lead designer. Good lighting throughout the house would be crucial to the sales process, as would the ability to share information about the builder with customers without coming across as being too aggressive. Distributed audio would be an important feature, in case a salesperson felt it beneficial to play music in the background during tours with customers. None of these tasks in and of themselves are that difficult to handle; however, flipping switches and twisting knobs to get it done can be time consuming and distracting to prospective buyers.

Per custom programming of the Elan g! system by Aucoin, the Wolf salespeople can put the house into sales mode by pressing just one button on the screen of a Elan touchpanel. Aucoin set it up so that each salesperson has his/her own button which arranges the video and lighting to his/her liking. For example, a button for the salesperson who shows the house mainly in the evenings, activates many of the accent lights to accentuate decorative and architectural features. The daytime salesperson’s button, on the other hand, puts every light on at full bright, activates all of six flat-panel TVs, and plays a Blu-ray video (audio from the Blu-ray can be heard through built-in speakers throughout). There’s also a button that turns on all of the lights, but only some of the TVs, as chosen by the third salesperson. Aucoin even crafted a setting for the cleaning crew. This one puts on every light at its brightest and cues the whole-house music system to pipe through the home’s Niles in-ceiling and Stealth Acoustic invisible in-wall loudspeakers. And when the tour (or cleaning) is finished, touching another button turns everything off, except for some outdoor lighting, which at night stays on for five minutes before turning off to give visitors enough time to safely get to their cars.

Aucoin wired the house so that each room can be fitted with an Elan touchpanel, but for now, the house is controlled from a touchpanel in the sales center, a room that could be used as a bedroom eventually. Also prepped for technology are several outdoor living areas, where Aucoin expects speakers and TVs to be installed.

Pictures from inside the home can be found here.

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