3DTV Shipments to Reach 46 Million by 2013


Study says consumers will opt for 3DTVs even if most content is in 2D.

Oct. 05, 2009 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

The 3DTV market is set to explode over the next three years, according to research firm GigaOM, reaching up to 46 million units by 2013.

GigaOM says that as 3D becomes a standard feature with a slight cost premium, similar to 120 Hz refresh rates today, consumers will opt for 3D-capable TVs even if most of the content isn’t 3D.

According to GigaOM, both Sony and Panasonic are betting that 3DTV sales will help rejuvenate their sales. Sony is set to release its first 3D Bravia TV in 2010, as well as a 3D mode for all PS3 games. Panasonic plans to ship a 50-inch 3D plasma in 2010.

“Just as many consumers are voting with their wallets today for the 3-D version of their favorite movies in the theater, we expect over time that many will choose 3-D for their favorite shows and movies at home as well,” says Alfred Poor, author of the report and publisher of the HDTV Almanac.

“The latest movies and shows will become available in 3-D on Blu-ray, Pay-TV channels and even streaming online, which will help drive consumer adoption of 3D-capable TVs as prices drop in coming years.”

GigaOM says cheaper 3D glasses will also help 3DTVs become more popular.

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