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Pioneer Adds Bluetooth-Streaming, 3D-Ready Receivers
Following in Sony’s footsteps, Pioneer has begun adding HDMI 1.4 (and, by proxy, support for 3D video) to their new AVRs.  Starting with the 5.1 VSX-520-K and -820-K, Pioneer looks to be supporting HDMI 1.4 and 3D from the bottom up.  Expect more powerful, feature packed, 7.1 AVRs to follow. [Electronic House]

Manufacturers Introduce Low-end 3D Projectors
Optoma, Viewsonic, and Acer have all announced low-end 3D front-projectors. All models beam in 720p or XGA resolutions and support NVIDIA 3D Vision. It’s not clear how they will handle the 3D Blu-ray spec, if at all.

Sony, CBS Open “3D Experience”
Still trying to figure this whole 3D thing out?  Want to do it in the lap of sinful luxury?  Sony and CBS Studios will be “The Sony 3D Experience” showcase of 3D research and technology at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV.  Interested in making the 3D gamble? [Electronic House]

Who will buy the first Panasonic 3D TV?
Can’t imagine someone shaking a new 3D LCD over their head like an iPhone or latest gaming console? Best Buy and Panasonic are hoping someone will. On March 10 at a Best Buy store in Manhattan, executives from both companies will cut the ceremonial ribbon on 3D TV sales and someone will buy the very first Panasonic 3D TV. Don’t expect Black Friday lines (or prices), but there may be cake. [CNET]

Samsung 3D TVs Now Shipping
Don’t need the hubbub of a ribbon-cutting ceremony and half-melted ice cream cake?  Skip the Best Buy & Panasonic event next week and head over to your local Sears store to pick up the Samsung UN46C7000 3D LED LCD for only $2599.99.  Go ahead and grab that Lands End cardigan you’ve been eying while you’re at it. [Electronic House]

Samsung 3DTVs Eyes-on”
Want to see that Samsung 3D set in action before dropping your hard earned money? Outside of relying on Sears for a properly configured floor display (I worked at Sears in college, don’t hold your breath). [Engadget]

3D without the Glasses
Nobody wants to wear those funky glasses while watching 3D. Well, maybe you won’t have to. Engineers at Cebit IT are showing a new type of screen that projects a 3D image towards the viewer’s eyes so glasses aren’t required. [PC World]

Where’s the 3D Content?
As manufacturers introduce 3D-capable TVs, they are facing a major problem: there’s not a lot of 3D content out there. The New York Times says the same problem occurred when HDTVs were first introduced. [The New York Times]

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