30 Killer Blu-rays for Under $13


If you want to grow your high-def home movie library or pick up a Father's Day present, we've rounded up 30 great titles that can be had for a bargain.

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For those of you who may have pooh-poohed Blu-ray in the past because its discs cost significantly more than DVD ... that gap is shrinking. Maybe you can’t find $3.99 Blu-ray discs in the bargain bins at your local store yet, but there are plenty of great films available in high-def that won’t break your budget.

We’ve pulled together 30 such titles (with help from Blu-ray.com) that can be had right now for under $13 from Amazon. We used Amazon’s pricing because it’s about the most ubiquitous retailer, and deals tend to last a while.

That said, however, a reminder that this is being posted June 17, 2010, so you may want to scour the sales while they’re still hot.

Not every title in here is going to be amazing demo material—but these flicks were partially chosen for their re-watchability, so they won’t get too dusty in your media library.

Of course, a lot of these choices do have many scenes and soundtracks that are ideal for viewing in high-def and hearing in lossless Dolby and DTS, especially on projection screens and killer audio systems.

Let us know if you’ve found more great Blu-ray bargains, or what your spending limit or movie “requirements” are for buying individual discs rather than just getting from Netflix.

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