20 Best Sports Movies on Blu-ray


We're almost at the dog days of summer, so here are 20 great sports flicks offered in high-def to keep you occupied until (American) football season.

Jun. 15, 2010 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Boxing may not carry the same clout it once had in the sports world, but when it comes to stories and characters, it’s difficult to top when it comes to making movies about sports.

There just seems to be something completely compelling about that ongoing inner monologue of a boxer and the obstacles they tend to overcome that contribute to great tales on film, whether based on true stories or not. When picking out 20 sports movies to highlight on high-definition Blu-ray, the boxing titles stood out, and for video quality it’s tough to beat all of those closeups and slo-mo shots that ordinarily comprise a lot of the action.

Rocky, Raging Bull, Million Dollar Baby, Cinderella Man—there’s a good reason these are powerful and critically acclaimed movies, and we can give it away that they’re on our list. Unfortunately, no When We Were Kings yet on Blu-ray, so we’ll just have to wait and enjoy what’s out there for now.

Of course, there are plenty of other sports highlighted on our list of Best Sports Movies on Blu-ray—naturally baseball and football are well-represented, and other sports such as golf and horse racing are sprinkled in as well. And just know that Bull Durham isn’t slated for Blu-ray release until August 3, 2010, otherwise it would be on the list with a bullet.

Sorry, Will Ferrell, but none of your homages to sports are in here; and thankfully many of the slew of bad basketball movies (Celtic Pride, Eddie, Air Bud, etc) are not available on Blu-ray yet but the best one is. We’re sure you can guess what it is (hint: one of its stars recently passed away), but you’ll still want to check out the whole 20 Best Sports Movies on Blu-ray slideshow. No, it’s not in any particular order of rating, but we did lump the titles by sport.

Is there a sports movie you’re still waiting to be released on Blu-ray?

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