200 Arcade Games in One Cabinet

DreamAuthentics Personal Video Arcade

DreamAuthentics’ Personal Video Arcade cabinet comes preloaded with 200 games. You can also add your own DVD movies and MP3 files. Photo Illustration: Young Min Yoon.

DreamAuthentics' customizable Personal Video Arcade lets you relive your joystick glory days with 200 classic games.

Nov. 17, 2006 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

In the early 1980s, games like Centipede, Ms. Pac-Man and Asteroids had an entire generation of teenagers stuffing its pockets with quarters and heading to the local video arcade. And although we might be too old now to spend our Saturdays with a joystick in our hand, the appeal of playing those classic games on a machine that blinks and beeps will never wear off.

Today, you can buy arcade machines for your own home to the tune of a few thousand dollars. It’s money well spent if you love old-school games—and you don’t mind playing the same thing every time.

For those who crave more variety, a Personal Video Arcade cabinet from DreamAuthentics is just the ticket. The floorstanding machine looks just like the real thing, complete with authentic joysticks, trackballs and spinners—but with one important difference: It comes preloaded with 200 games.

An internal computer engine holds the games and offers room to add your favorite PC game titles, movie DVDs and MP3 music files, making it a highly versatile piece of entertainment furniture.

The cabinet is completely customizable, as well. From the type of the joystick and the color of the buttons to the style of the control panel (two person or four person) and the size of the monitor, the machine can be built to suit your taste. All the options are viewable online at www.dreamauthentics.com. Cabinets start at $3,000.

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