15 Products to See (and Hear) at NY Audio Show ‘13


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With the New York Audio Show this weekend, here's a glimpse of the wide-ranging audio goodies on hand.

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It’s an amazing time to be a music fan, in terms of just the wealth of options for enjoying tunes in your home.

Think about it: there’s still the good ol’ CD player; streaming audio has put just about every song in human history at your fingertips; you can add a digital-to-analog converter (DAC) to turn your computer into a rockin’ audio source; there are “high-resolution” downloads available that offer better-than-CD quality sound; and the format that just refuses to die, vinyl, has revitalized to the point where great new turntables are being released as well as new vinyl records from today’s popular artists.

So it’s no wonder that consumer audio shows are popping up everywhere. These lean toward the higher end of things, but that only helps to show music lovers the unlimited possibilities of what’s out there for getting the best audio experiences in their own homes.

At the New York Audio Show ‘13, taking place April 12-14 at the New York Palace Hotel in midtown Manhattan (click here for more information and click here for ticketing info), you’ll be able to peruse all sorts of audio goodies such as DACs and turntables, through superb speaker systems.

You’ll also be able to chat with the manufacturers who are showcasing their products in the rooms, as well as some specialty audio installers who are setting up shop and can talk to you about home listening rooms. Plus there is a full schedule of events, live music, demo sessions and educational seminars to deliver a really well-rounded audio experience over the weekend.

To give you a snapshot of the wide range of audio products that will be on hand during the show, here’s a slideshow of exhibiting companies that have released some info on what they will be demoing and discussing in their rooms.

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