15 Favorite Theaters for Watching Football


The NFL and College Football seasons are looming. Here are some of our favorite mulitple display media rooms we'd love to spend fall Saturdays and Sundays in.

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DirecTV was onto something with its NFL Sunday Ticket package, right? We want to be able to watch as many different football games as possible come autumn weekends.

Well, those weekends are almost here, and some of us can only sit back and envy others who not only can tune into different NFL games at once (or college games, though there are usually a handful of those on at the same time during Saturday afternoons and evenings), but can do so simultaneously in the same room.

Over the years we’ve highlighted numerous theater and media room setups that incorporate multiple displays. These are almost always the brainchild of sports fans, of course. We’re not sure how many of them have gambling habits, but we love it when people can turn their rooms into mini Vegas sports books.

We thought the timing was perfect, with kickoff right around the corner, to take a look back at some of our favorites in this little subcategory of home theater.

Some rooms use one large display that can be dissected into several; some like to surround a big TV with little TVs; some like to give equal opportunity to each viewing option; and some like to surround a big projection screen with smaller TVs.

Either way you cut it, these are fun football meccas for any fan. Add a morning of tailgating, some pizza, burgers and beer during the games, and you’ve got yourself a pretty booked weekend. Don’t forget to wipe the nacho cheese from your scruff.

Click here to view our favorite multiple display football meccas.

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