14 Killer Compact Subwoofers


We take a look at 14 tiny audio options with woofers 10 inches and under.

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If you aren’t familiar with the powers of a subwoofer, you just aren’t getting the full audio experience. A room filled with speakers can be nice. However, the subwoofer is the piece that puts the boom into your room. It also puts you in the middle of the action, in the front row, and really creates a full, theater-like setup.

The subwoofer is also that one component in the audio setup that typically sticks out like a sore thumb. It sits next to your AV rack, your couch or somewhere else that’s sort of in the way. However, you can pack that audio punch into a much smaller cabinet.

These days, just about every audio manufacturer makes some sort of compact subwoofer option. If you’re paying attention to anything in technology, you’d know that bigger is not always better—especially when it comes to audio. The compact subwoofer is a growing category that can put that punch into your sound without cluttering your living space.

Want a peek at some of the smallest subwoofer options out there today? Check out our slideshow on 14 Killer Compact Subwoofers.

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