13 Best Gadgets to Make Back to School Cool


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Here are a few high-tech goodies to help ease those homework pains.

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School just started and we’re already hearing the whining. While you probably don’t want to give into every sick day request or other kiddie whim, there are definitely ways to make the school year a little more enjoyable—by making it a little more high-tech.

Since when has school been so cool? We found 13 great gadgets that won’t just make kids of all ages want to go back to school; it actually helps them out while they’re there. It also allows you to rub off a little geekiness, without them even knowing it!

Whether your kids are on the playground, in the dorm, or picking out their first apartment, we have a little something on the list that should make the grade.

Check out our slideshow of the 13 Best Gadgets to Make Back to School Cool.

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